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What is Hiven?

With the Hiven energy management solution, you can enable your customers with smart charging, smart heating, and smart cooling.
Reduce the cost of ownership, empower your customers, boost your value proposition and get access to high-margin consumers.

Why Hiven


Consumers with connected smart appliances will benefit from connecting and enabling Hiven - cost savings, lowered environmental impact and smoother user experience.


By partnering with Hiven, manufacturers can enable smarter services directly to their customers.

Energy Retailers

With Hiven smart services, energy companies are able to acquire and retain high-margin customers with EV's and smart home appliances.


Smart Charging

Smart Charging

What is smart charging

Smart charging steers and schedules your EV charging based on your preferences to be cheaper, greener and more user friendly.
We help modern energy retailers offer smart charging solutions as a value add to their customers to retain and amaze them!
Reduct Cost Of Ownership

Reduce cost of ownership

Our services help market leading charger manufacturers and EV manufacturers empower their customers with seamlessly in-built smart charging solutions. Reduce the cost of ownership and gain a competitive advantage with us.

Smart Heating & Cooling

Smart Heating And Cooling

What is Smart Heating & Cooling

Smart heating and cooling monitors and steers your home heating and cooling to be cheaper, greener and smarter - without compromising your comfort!
We help modern energy retailers offer smart charging solutions as a value add to their customers to retain and amaze them!
Empowering Hardware Manufacturers

Empowering hardware manufacturers

We help innovative hardware manufacturers take their heating & cooling appliances to the next level with in-built smart energy management solutions. Gain competitive advantage, raise your value proposition, and guarantee a happy customer experience.

About us

Who We Are

Who we are

From our personal experience we know that managing your energy consumption can be a challenge. To make this easier for us as consumers, we set to build a platform managing these decisions automatically and making our consumption smart, greener, and cheaper.
We are building a constantly growing platform of cloud-to-cloud connectivity and smart energy management. With every new connection, the system gets smarter!
The Team

The team

The Hiven team is a small but powerful team of industry professionals in energy markets and IoT systems. All systems are built and tested in-house to ensure that they meet our high requirements.
Our Vision

Our vision

For the power system to become more sustainable, it needs to go through a transition to green power, electrification
We aim to tackle this issue by building the Hiven system that makes energy consumption smarter for the benefit of the consumer, the power system, and the environment - one connection at a time!
Backing Investor

Investors backing Hiven

Hiven is backed by Valkea Growth Club, a Growth Club for Digital Clean Energy Ventures

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Jani Leirimaa

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