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For manufacturers

We help modern manufacturers sell more, by taking their digital solutions to the next level.

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Try our smart charging product

Own a Tesla and want to test our smart charging solution? Log in using your Tesla credentials and see what we can do. You will be able to disconnect and remove your log-in information after the demo.
Schedule demo
You will be redirected to Calendly to schedule a demo session
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Add smartness to your device
Consumers are demanding more from thei home appliances - let us help you create a product that your customers will love.
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Value from energy management
Let your customers consume energy in a greener, cheaper and smarter way - all automatically with our energy management algorithms!
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For the modern manufacturer
Use our platform to build new digital products for your consumers.
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For the modern, high-margin consumer
Modern consumers are disrupting the energy sector by being more aware and opting for value-creating services and products.
Hiven smart energy management services enable automatic savings, lowered environmental impact, and a higher level of comfort.
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How does it work?

Hiven platform connects over the cloud to a growing number of smart appliances such as EV's, smart chargers, Heat pumps, Panel heaters, Water heaters, home batteries, etc.
Flawless user experience
Acquire and retain high-margin customers by integrating smart charging and smart heating & cooling features in your digital products. Your customers will love this seamless value-add!
Hiven will automatically steer connected appliances in a smart way and create value for the consumer and the partnership. Cost optimization, tariff scheduling, load balancing, and demand response just to mention a few!
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Contact us

Jani Leirimaa
+358 405 935 514

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